Leeds Building Society launches funding support for parkrun communities

Leeds Building Society has launched a community reward scheme to support parkrun communities.

The Community Reward Scheme will provide and volunteer support for selected projects that help improve local parkrun communities.

From May 2018, and for the following 12 months, it will provide up to £25,000 to be shared across successful projects.

Applicants can ask for help with answering a need in their local parkrun community, such as funds for improvements to their local park, like playground equipment, seating for spectators or woodland walks, or help with maintaining a park, or holding a parkrun celebration.

Applicants must also be registered with parkrun and need the support of an organisation that will receive the funds for the project, such as a local charity, ‘friends of’ group or parkrun themselves.

Once an application has been received, Leeds Building Society will inform applicants within 12 weeks whether their project has been shortlisted.


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