Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside; Crime Prevention Fund 2018/19 (deadline 11th June 2018)

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside has opened this funding opportunity for charities, community groups and social enterprises who deliver projects that stop problems before they occur, by reducing the opportunities for crime and by deterring people away from becoming involved in anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 are available. The expectation is that most projects will be delivered over 12 months however, projects over a longer period may be considered. Consortia bids are encouraged and priority will be given to projects that tackle serious and organised crime. Projects must contribute to at least one of the following PCC Police and Crime Plan priorities:

– Prevent crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

– Tackling serious and organised crime

– Support victims, protect vulnerable people and maintain public safety

– Working in partnership to improve road safety

General eligibility criteria:

• You must be a charity, community group or social enterprise (statutory services including schools are not eligible for this fund).

• You must be based in Merseyside, connected to your community

• You must have a formal constitution or governing document in the name of the group.

Applications must also contribute to at least one of the below areas on the 2018/19 PCC Crime Prevention Framework:




*Primary Prevention – (situational and social prevention) is directed at stopping a problem before it happens.  This involves reducing the opportunities for crime, addressing social and/or environmental factors that increase risk of offending, and strengthening community and social structures.

**Secondary Prevention – seeks to change people, typically those at high risk of embarking upon a criminal career.  The focus can be on a rapid/effective early interventions (for example, youth programmes) and/or high risk neighbourhoods.

Notes for applicants:

The total budget for the fund is £135,000, therefore, please note that many more applications will be received than grants awarded

All applications will be expected to provide clear milestones/targets that the project will achieve over the grant period (All applications will be required to demonstrate how project outcomes will be recorded)

Closing date for applications: 11th June 2018 by 5pm

Decisions: July 2018

For more information and to apply; cfmerseyside.org.uk/funds/crime-prevention-fund


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