AO will give their customers £300 in cash if England get through the World Cup – but you’ll need to buy a telly first

Now that the Royal Wedding is over, it will be time to turn to more important matters, such as who’s going to win the World Cup.

If you’re looking t o buy a new TV to watch one of the big events of the summer on, have just announced a pretty decent deal on theirs.

The electronics retailer has promised to give everyone that buys a 4K TV that’s 55 inches or above up to £300 in cash back, should England get through the group stages.

While not every telly will result in a £300 cash pay out, with some of the smaller priced tellys, starting from £479, only giving you £20 if England get through. Although £20 is still better than nothing.

When looking closer at the terms and conditions, the offer will apparently work on any 4K TV that are 55 inches or above (the ones that qualify are handily marked with a little flag on), you’ll only get your £300 cash back if England qualify from the group stages in Russia this summer.

When your telly is delivered, you’ll get a link to a claim form with your invoice. You can fill it in as soon as your TV is delivered though, as AO will begin processing payments once England’s qualification is confirmed.


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