Art exhibitions go global

There is a positive international feel at The World of Glass in St. Helens town centre as both its Art Galleries present the work of artists from overseas, writes Paul Cousins.

‘Project Zei’ in The Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery has been developed in partnership with Heart of Glass and St. Helens Arts Service and is an artistic exchange between the Yellow Door artists in St. Helens and the GEDOK group of artists who are based in our twin town of Stuttgart in Germany.

Both groups have worked together to produce a body of contemporary artwork and ideas which explores, supports and explains the rich creative and cultural history between the two towns for the past seventy years.

Gallery One is hosting ‘Size Matters’ which began as an idea to challenge the perception of the size of a piece of artwork in a world where everything seems to be getting ever larger.

An invitation was sent out to artists asking for artwork no bigger than twenty centimetres square and the response was quite overwhelming, not just in the number of replies received but just how far around the world it had travelled.

The exhibition showcases work by many local and regional artists and includes contributions from as far afield as Pakistan and Japan.

The net has also been spread wider in this country with a number of artworks from Devon, North Wales, Manchester and Leeds.

The small works are skilfully displayed on the large white gallery walls in such a way as to draw the viewer in and encourage them to take a much closer look than they normally might when confronted with larger works of art.

Both exhibitions run until 29th June 2018 at The World of Glass and are FREE to view.

Credit – Paul Cousins is a graphic fine artist from St Helens


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