Big smiles in store for St Helens Healthy Living Team

National Smile Month has arrived in St Helens.

The Healthy Living Team’s national award-winning Oral Health Service will be holding special events throughout St Helens as part of the UK’s biggest oral health campaign.

Taking place from 14th May to 14th June, National Smile Month aims to promote and raise awareness of good oral health, and the Oral Health Service – which last year won the National Patrons Prize Award from the National Oral Health Promotion Group – is getting involved to help achieve this.

Healthy Living Oral Health Services will be supporting events across St Helens in clinics, dental practices, nurseries, schools and libraries. Bottle to cup exchanges at various venues and display material is also available at the Millennium Centre and St Helens Hospital.

Sue Forster, Director of Public Health for St Helens Council said, “National Smile Month is a great initiative to raise awareness of how important and yet how simple it is to maintain good oral health. Good oral health is vital for a healthy smile as well as a healthy body and we will be spreading that message throughout the month at each event.

“We hope everyone in St Helens can get involved and make this a month to smile.”

CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, said: “I’m delighted that St Helens Council is giving their support to National Smile Month. It is a great reflection of their local community spirit and an excellent way to promote good oral health. They join thousands of organisations in engaging with local communities to help bring healthy smiles to the faces of millions of people across the country.

“By making events as fun and imaginative as possible, we hope it will inspire more people to join in while also delivering the Oral Health Foundation’s three key messages for good oral health; brush for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks and visit the dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.”

If you are a patient, community member or simply want to talk to a member of your local Oral Health service, please contact the team or come along to one of the many events being held across St Helens promoting good oral health for everyone.

For details on dates and times of events and more information please contact the St Helens Healthy Living Team on 0300 300 0103 email:


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