Tesco’s Clubcard Rewards are changing. Beat the deadline to swap vouchers before rewards are cut

Tesco’s mega-popular Clubcard Rewards scheme is set for a big shake-up. If you usually exchange points for Rewards tokens, their value is being slashed by 25% on many of the best deals from Mon 11th June 2018. But there’s a way to beat the changes.
  • Many 4x voucher swaps soon will only be worth 3x the value. The key to boosting your Clubcard points’ value is to swap them for Rewards tokens to spend at restaurants and cinemas, or on hotels, days out and more. Currently you can exchange for 2x, 3x or 4x the value. But from Mon 11th June 2018 they mostly move to 3x – and while a few offers will improve, many of the best – incl those from Pizza Express, Café Rouge and London Zoo – are getting worse.
  • Swap vouchers NOW to beat the cuts (then use for Summer & beyond). If you want to exchange for 4x the value, do it by Sun 10th June 2018 and the tokens will usually be valid for 6 months, including the summer holiday period. So if you’re planning a big day out, or family meal etc, act NOW.
  • Earn 25% extra points when you go wallet-free. You normally get 1 point per £1 spent at Tesco but it’s running a promotion where for every £4 you spend in store you’ll get an additional point if you pay via its app. How to get a 25% Clubcard boost

The Tesco Pay+ app (a revamped version of its old PayQwiq app) is available on Android and iOS. It lets you store your credit or debit card and Clubcard details, then quickly pay for shopping and automatically collect Clubcard points at Tesco by scanning the barcode in the app.

Tesco unveiled the new app last September – as part of a promotion it’s now running until 31st December 2018 you get an extra Clubcard point for every £4 you spend in store. The bonus is on top of the usual one point per £1 – meaning you’ll get five points for every £4 spent.

If you currently have PayQwiq on your phone you’ll need to update it to get Pay+.


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