Funding for Developmental Music Making Projects for Children and Young People – (deadlines 24th Aug / 9th Oct 2018)

Grants are available to fund developmental music-making projects for children and young people up in challenging circumstances as well as projects that support the development of the workforce, organisations and the wider sector.  Youth Making’s funding programme is made up of three separate funds. These are:

  • Fund A which offers small grants (£2,000 to £30,000) for high quality music-making projects
  • Fund B offers medium-sized grants (30,001 – £100,000 per year for up to two years) for larger programmes of work;
  • Fund C offers grants (£100,000 to £160,000) for strategic programmes to help embed sustainable, inclusive music-making across a local area.

The types of organisations that are eligible to apply include charities, not for profit organisations and schools. Schools will however have to justify how to activities to be funded do not duplicate Department of Education funding.

The closing dates for applications to Fund A is 5pm on the 24th August 2018 and Fund B the 9th November 2018. Fund C is currently closed to new applications.

Useful Links:

Guidance for applying to Funds A and B

Youth Music Network YouTube Channel


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