Boxing club goes from strength to strength

2018 will mark the third year of existence for JC’s Amateur Boxing Club in Jackson Street, writes Jon-Jo Doherty

As well as the third anniversary this September, a fantastic event is taking place on 30th May 2018 at The Sidac Club. The event will see 15 boxers in competition and various clubs represented.

JC’s was opened by Ste Birch and named after a local hero, the late legendary boxing coach John Chisnall. It has opened its doors to every possible faction in society, and has become a beacon of light for the many people involved.

JC’s is named after a local hero, the late legendary boxing coach John Chisnall

Ex England International, and professional boxers have paved the way to find an influx of young persons enthused to be a part of something very special.

Coach Ste Birch (Commonwealth Silver Medalist 2002), said ‘I’ve gained so much from watching skills develop, but even more so the development in maturity and team camaraderie.’

In what has been an exciting couple of years, JC’s put on their first show last December. It was a huge success with 9 boxers from the club taking part.

JC’s Amateur Boxing Club Facebook page

Main article photo – Club members have supported many worthwhile charitable causes and continue to do so.

The Youth in Action
Left to Right: Coach Gary Ormrod, Kai Birch, Ellis Mercer, Coach Shane Booth, Ben Wittall, Tom Wilburn, Coach Ste Birch.
From Left to Right: Caden Hughes, George Donoghue, Kai Birch, Zac Dwyer, Coach Ste Birch.


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