St Helens Launches Rugby League World Cup Bid

St Helens Council has put a stake in the ground with plans to launch a bid to become a host for the 2021 Rugby League World as outline in a report to Cabinet.

The rationale for this proposal has been outlined as follows

  • Rugby League has a strong heritage in the borough and is the largest spectator sport in St
    Helens. The Borough has provided international standard players in both the men’s and women’sgame.
  • St.Helens Rugby League Club and the Council have invested to build one of thebest stadia in the Country designed for and dedicated to the sport of Rugby League, with the aim of attracting high profile events such as the Rugby league World Cup.
  • The Rugby League have commissioned independent studies that place theeconomic value ofhosting World Cup group matches at between £2.4m and£4.5m. Coupled with the direct economic impact each match will be broadcast live by the BBC raising the profile of the borough bothnationally and internationally.
  • The hosting of the event in St Helens could also contribute to other strategic initiatives such as St Helens Town Centre regeneration, raising the profile of St Helens, and links to public health messages where sport is a key means of delivering healthy living campaigns

Initial discussions with the tournament organiser’s have resulted in the view that the borough should seek to:

  • Host a team training base using Ruskin Drive Sports Village and the Clubs training base at Cowley Language College
  • Host three group matches in the Men’s Tournament and at least one in the Women’s if the format allows

The Council plan on publicly launching the bid as part of the Borough’s 150th celebrations

What will it cost?

Each bidding venue must commit to meeting £250,000 to the cost of hosting the tournament.

The bid will be led by the council however Saints will have to contribute £160,000 ofin in-kind contributions, i.e. the use of its facilities, with the council contributing £90,000 over the three years leading up to the tournament.

The Council’s transformation reserve fund will be used to support the bid.

You can read the full proposal here


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