Currys PC World customers warned to check bank statements now

Currys PC World customers warned to check bank statements now – after thousands charged £2,000 for insurance they never asked for

Thousands of Currys PC World customers were sold insurance they either didn’t want or in some cases didn’t even know they had – these hidden fees can cost up to £11 a month

Shoppers are being told to trawl through their direct debits after Which? revealed more than 2,000 customers have been in touch to complain about insurance they were unaware they’d signed up to.

In some cases, the transactions amount to £2,000 and stem as far back as early 2015.

Some stunned customers said they were sold insurance without their knowledge when buying items from the tech giant.

The insurance is called product support AG and it costs between £3 and £11 a month.

These charges had gone unnoticed by some shoppers, while others allege they were given the insurance after they refused to buy it in store.

If you have purchased a product at Currys PC World and are worried you might have been sold this insurance, check your bank account for any transactions to product support AG.

“Our Care Plan service is offered at the point of sale to protect products should they break down, in which case we will fix it or offer a replacement,” a Currys PC World spokesman said..

“The service can be bought and cancelled at any time and does not affect consumer statutory rights.

“We are of course disappointed by these customer complaints and are taking them seriously. Our colleagues are trained to provide accurate and useful information about Care Plan.

“The majority of our customers tell us they value both the benefits of Care Plan and the ability to have a conversation about it with our colleagues to make an informed decision.

“We would ask any concerned customers to contact Customer Services on 0344 561 1234.”



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