You can now buy a giant 6ft inflatable unicorn sprinkler for your garden

Calling all unicorn fans – big and small – because we’ve found your new favourite toy.

Online retailer Firebox has just started selling a “big and horny” giant inflatable unicorn that sprays water from its horn – and people are already going crazy for it on social media.

The inflatable unicorn sprinkler is 6ft tall and all you need to do is inflate it, place your garden hose in its belly and let water sprinkle everywhere through its silver horn.

The giant unicorn is white and comes with a rainbow mane and tail.

The product description reads: ‘Everyone loves running through the cool mist of a sprinkler on a sweltering summer’s day. But sprinklers have a range smaller than Leonard Cohen and are probably covered in rust that’ll leave you needing a tetanus jab.

‘Your summer would be far simpler and less expensive for the NHS if you invested in this gigantic unicorn sprinkler instead.

‘It’s 6ft tall. 6ft! That’s taller than the average bloke in Britain! And, unlike the standard British male, this hassle free horse can provide wet fun all day long via a simply connection to your garden hose.

‘It has a special air valve with a wide-mouth cap to make sure it inflates and deflates faster than you can say ‘Please rain your magic juices down upon me and my friends, you perfect pegasus’.

‘Oh, and it’s easy to clean. So if your lawn happens to get a bit muddy, it ain’t an issue, just hose the horsey down. Think that roughly covers it, you’ve got no excuse not to buy it now.’

For £59.99 , the water sprinkler will keep you cool in the British summer.

How to shave 7% off that price

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Dont want to save any money? You can head straight to the firebox website and purchase the item



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