Grants to Promote Physics and Engineering in Schools (deadline 1st November 2018)

Schools, colleges and home school groups based in the UK and Ireland can apply for a school grant of up to £600. Grants are awarded for projects, events and activities linked with the promotion of physics and engineering.

Successful applications will normally meet some or all of these criteria

A promotion of a greater interest in/understanding of physics or engineering, links to the below areas of physics and engineering are particularly encouraged

  • Particle Physics, Astronomy, Space and Nuclear Physics
  • Energy, transport, information & communications, design & production or the built environment

Bids for bought in activities or shows will be strengthened if integrated with a wider project

Grants may be used for the following project-related purposes:

  • Materials / resources
  • Transport
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Other purposes deemed appropriate by the judges
  • Supply cover (in certain circumstances)

Application closing dates

1 February Projects taking place in the following summer term
1 June Projects taking place in the following autumn term
1 November Projects taking place in the following spring term


For more information and to apply


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