Airbnb expands charitable programme across UK

Airbnb is expanding its Social Impact Experiences programme across the whole of the UK, allowing thousands more charities to make use of a 0% transaction fee for paid-for activities.

From now on, registered charities based anywhere in the UK will be able to submit a Social Impact Experiences to the Airbnb programme, which gives the ability for charities to promote activities and take payment with no listing or transaction fees.

Validation for the programme is handled by Tech Trust through their tt-exchange programme. Charities first need to register for that programme, which is free, after which they can access the Airbnb nonprofit portal.

Activities hosted by charities

Airbnb Social Impact Experiences support activities hosted by non-profits activities that support local causes. This can include anything from a history walk to a food tasting, a music night or a crafts workshop. There are examples of Social Impact Experiences that have been held in London, Edinburgh and Ireland on the Airbnb site, which include urban walks and workshops to build solar chargers.

Airbnb waives its service fee, so 100% of what a ‘guest’ pays goes directly to the organisation. Charities can also pick when and how often they host, and the price that they charge, they also benefit from gaining exposure via the Airbnb platform as well as engaging a new kind of supporter.

Certain faith-based charities, as well as some political organisations and charities with exclusionary policies are ineligible.

Full details are available on Airbnb’s site here, and Tech Trust have guidance on signing up on their site here.


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