Opinion – A new restaurant for Prescot and a question for the Council’s economic development team

Without a shadow of a doubt Gary Usher’s plans to open a restaurant in Prescot are great news for Knowsley. He has a number of restaurants across the region and this latest addition is sure to be a winner.

But, we have a quesion or two about this. Prescot isn’t all that different to St Helens, so why did he not choose St Helens as a place for this new restaurant?

We’d be interested in discovering if any of the Council’s economic development team were aware of his intentions and if they were, whether anyone had a conversation with him, formally or informally, and if so, did any of them say “Come to St Helens!”…. Because they should have!

And if they needed a good selling point for St Helens……

Last year St Helens Council announced its 10 year, £300m transformation plans for the town centre. Read about it here and here

With a plan like that on the table the conversation should have been a short one, followed by Gary Usher saying “We’re going to open in St Helens”.

If this transformation plan isnt enough to convince a retauranteur that St Helens is a place to come and do business, I dont know what is.

We would love to have been reading a headline which read that the restaurant was coming here instead.

The potential Pinion restaurant in Prescot Town Centre

Main photo – Gary Usher


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