FREE bikes for local residents

St Helens Pedal Power is a wonderful non-profit bike Co-operative that aims to increase participation in cycling across the Borough.

They have been refurbishing bikes recently and they have some they would like to give to local residents. They have mens, ladies and children’s bikes available.

They are FREE or you may wish to make a small donation to the St Helens Pedal Power group which will help them continue the great work they do.

Drop them a line via the St Helens Pedal Power Facebook page to find out more.



  1. Hi,
    My name is Mark and I’m an Employment Advisor for St Helens Borough Council’s Ways to Work programme. One of my participants has recently started a new job in the St Helens area, and he needs a bike to get back to his new job, as he works shifts so public transport is not always available for him to get to work for early/late shifts.
    Would my participant be eligible for one of your free bikes, as he is a St Helens resident and his job depends on him getting to work on time for his allotted shifts?

    • Hi Mark, Please contact the St Helens Pedal Power group. The link to their Facebook page is in the article. cheers

  2. Hi . I’m looking for a mans bike to a vunrable sthelens resident who has severe mental health his bike got stolen it was his only lifeline to getting out as he enjoyed going on it daily .im not on Facebook can’t message you sorry he’d be very much grateful he can once again get out and about .thank you


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