Falling Fruit – your map to the best FREE foraging spots!

This volunteer run, not-for-profit project provides you with a map of the world (yes the whole globe!) and allows users to search for and pinpoint different fruits and vegetables near them or add their own markers.
The map is open for anyone to edit and the database can be downloaded with just one click. In the UK alone there are 6,000 recorded locations.
You’ll find the map here =>  https://fallingfruit.org/

About Foraging

Grocery bills can add up very quickly, especially if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables. One way to combat this is saving money by foraging!

Foraging is in our nature, it can be really rewarding and a fun activity for kids. There’s loads of free food out there if you know where to look so why not save some money and get some exercise/fresh air!



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