Grow Wild – creative funding for young people (deadline 2nd July 2018)

Grow Wild invites young people aged 14-25 to apply for £500 for a creative project inspired by wildflowers or fungi.

Wildflowers and fungi are amazing! That’s why Grow Wild are inviting young people aged 14-25 to take part in a summer of activities and flex their creative skills. This year Grow Wild are offering not one, but two opportunities for young people to receive £500 to run their very own creative project inspired by UK native wildflowers or fungi.

Option 1 – Creative projects in your community (14-25 year olds) Young people can use their interest in photography, music, drama, dance, film, visual arts or more to celebrate UK native wild flowers and fungi in fun and inventive ways.


Option 2 – Co-created projects for emerging artists (18-25 year olds only) Apply to join with others from across the UK to co-create an artistic project and plan an autumn exhibition at the renowned arts venue Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This will include a weekend artist masterclass at the venue in July!

Young people can apply by making a short video application telling Grow Wild their idea and how they will spend the money, sending it to us by 12pm on Monday 2nd July.

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