2-in-1 16ft Water Slide & Vertical Sprinkler £9.99 instead of £36 – save 72%

2-in-1 16ft Water Slide & Vertical Sprinkler

£9.99 instead of £36 (from Eurotrade) for a 16ft water slide with geyser – save 72%


    • Go fun mad this summer with an incredible water slide toy!
    • A whopping 16ft of tarpaulin to whizz along in the hot sun.
    • An innovative sprinkler design keeps the plastic wet all the way.
    • And even features a geyser to entertain those in the queue!
    • Easily attaches to garden hoses.
    • Dimensions:16ft x 28″
    • Comes supplied with ground stakes!

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We’re are offering you a 16ft water slide with geyser for just £9.99, saving you 72% off the usual price of £36 (correct as of 6.4.18).

It. Is. That. Time. Of. Year. …aaaaaand SUMMER IS HERE! Almost. Not really. But you can still get excited for it, right? Get prepped for months of sun-soaked fun on your lawn with this absolutely amazing 16ft water slide! Simply plug a garden hose in and the water runs inside tubes to be sprinkled all along the slick surface. If that wasn’t enough, it connects to a vertical geyser sprinkler that provides a nice shower for anyone waiting their turn. Just remember, being over 20 doesn’t mean you can skip the queue!




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