Have Your Say – The Hardshaw Centre

Local people often have very important things to share about the place where they live. In this short post, we share the thoughts of Natasha Vickers.

“While i was sat in Church Square waiting for my daughters a lovely elderly lady sat beside me.We chatted for 30mins and she opened up talking about how she cared and looked after her husband with dementia for several years before recently passing.

“But as hard as times where they always came into town together and her husband would always sit in the Hardshaw Centre and wait on the bench for her.

“He would always wait, sit and chat and be comfortable and she would just be in the hardshaw centre. It was routine, it worked, and it made a differance.

“Once those benches were removed that lovely couple could not do that again. My point being, i wish our town would think for the people in it.”

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