Local government finances at “tipping point”

Local government finances are at a “tipping point”, an external auditor has told St Helens Council recently as reported by the St Helens Star

The Star reported as follows…

Grant Thornton have been instructed by the council to carry out an external audit for 2017-18.

Robin Baker, director of Grant Thornton, provided members of the audit and governance committee with an update on the review.

“Local government finances are at a tipping point,” the report said.

“Councils are tackling a continuing drive to achieve greater efficiency in the delivery of public services, whilst facing the challenges to address rising demand, ongoing budget pressures and social inequality.”

Andy Bowden, deputy leader of St Helens Council, said it was “frightening” to see the funding cuts set out in the report.

He said: “We know the reality of those figures but seeing them starkly set out by the independent auditors – it’s concerning.”

Here at St Helens Unlimited things like this interest us. Local government finances, the health of our local authority and the like, so we reached out to Cabinet members to get some more information.

We tweeted Andy Bowden, the deputy leader of St Helens Council on 22nd May

We didnt hear anything back so we emailed both Councillor Andy Bowden and Councillor Anthony Johnson on Friday 8th June via their official Council emails.

We are yet to receive any response (or an acknowledgement) to our request for some more information about the audit mentioned in the newspaper report.

We’ll update this when we hear anything back from them.


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