St Helens Town Centre Improvement – Health impact report June 2018

The St Helens town centre improvement health impact report has been published as part of a joint work programme between People’s and Place Services. The report outlines a number of ideas that could help adress the health inequalities in the Borough.

Some of the ideas for the Town Centre are as follows

  • A “community stage” for performances in the town centre
  • Reading trees- Trees placed about the centre with books and seating available on them for anyone to take some time to sit and read.
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Piano stairs
  • Community garden
  • A growing / farming / allotment area
  • Positive notes and messages placed around the town centre. Street art with public health messages.
  • Breastfeeding “pods”
  • Picnic benches
  • Water fountains
  • Fill empty shops
  • Cycling and walking routes
  • Outdoor gym / trail
  • Utilise spaces for fitness

You can view the full report below or download it here

The report was produced following research conducted and highlighted in the following report

St Helens People and Place: Maximizing Opportunities for Good Health and Wellbeing

This paper outlines the joint work already being completed by People’s and Place and provides recommendations to develop further integrated work to improve health and wellbeing in the borough

You can view this paper below or download here


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