‘Gastric Band’ weight management & wellbeing hypnosis course £9 instead of £95

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‘Gastric Band’ Weight Management & Wellbeing Hypnosis Course

£9 instead of £95 for an online fully downloadable ultimate weight management and wellbeing hypnosis package  – take control of those cravings and save 91%


  • Trick yourself trim with this weight management hypnosis package.
  • With 11 audio recordings, a weight loss guide, goal-setting booklet and ‘unlimited’ access to course content.
  • Listen to tracks from ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ to ‘Crave Healthy Choices’.
  • In a bid to learn to resist those sugar binges by managing your foody impulses.
  • Plus, take care of your wellbeing with tracks like ‘Get Motivated’ and ‘Success Visualisation’.
  • Download and listen at home or on the go!

Fed up of feeling unfit? Why weight to start a new lifestyle? You… are… not… feeling… very… hungry…

Wowcher are offering you an online ‘extreme weight loss and well-being programme’ for just £9, saving you 91% off the usual price of £95.

Lifting Hypnosis is here to talk you into a new way of living with its ultimate weight loss and wellbeing package. Tired of munching your way through a family pack of crisps without realising? We’ve all been there! With eleven incredible hypnotic tracks, a 15-page weight loss guide, food diary and weight loss tracker, you’ll have everything you need to really start eating healthily this time! Listen to the much-discussed ‘Virtual Gastric Band’, break old habits with ‘Stop Binge Eating’ and put down the tub of Ben & Jerry’s with ‘Banish Your Sweet Tooth’. But your subconscious can’t do all the work! By keeping a record of your goals, monitoring your progress and testing out all the given tips, you might just become a new you!

Hypnosis Tracks

  • ‘Your Virtual Gastric Band’
  • ‘Stop Binge Eating’
  • ‘Crave Healthy Foods’
  • ‘Banish Your Sweet Tooth’
  • ‘No More Boredom Eating’
  • ‘Exercise Motivation’
  • ‘Eliminate Stress From Your Life’
  • ‘Deep Sleep All Night Long’
  • ‘Get Motivated’
  • ‘Positive Thinking’
  • ‘Success Visualisation’



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