Magic Expanding Hose with 7-Mode Spray Gun – 2 Sizes & 2 Colours! £9.98 instead of £39.99

This offer has now ended but don’t worry you can find lots more great offers over at Wowcher HERE.

Magic Expanding Hose with 7-Mode Spray Gun – 2 Sizes & 2 Colours!

£9.98 instead of £39.99 (from Desire London) for a 50ft magic expanding hose with a seven-mode spray gun, £14.99 for a 100ft hose – choose from green and blue and save up to 75%


  • Keep your garden looking refreshed this summer with a magic expanding hose.
  • Choose either 50ft or 100ft in blue or green.
  • Expands up to about three times its original length when water is turned on.
  • Made from high pressure-resistance and durable material.
  • With a handy nozzle featuring seven different modes – shower, flat, cone, centre, full, mist and jet.
  • Attach to your garden tap and go!

Full Details

Wowcher are offering you a 50ft expanding garden hose for £9.98, or a 100ft hose for just£17.99, saving you up to 75% off Desire London’s prices (correct as of 24.5.18).

Whether it’s watering your plants, filling the paddling pool or drenching your guests, everyone needs a hose – and that’s why we’ve reeled in today’s deal! Super-strong yet surprisingly lightweight, the expanding hose is a revolutionary new product that is designed to be free from tangles or kinks. Expanding up to three times in length when water is switched on and contracting when it’s turned off for easy storage, the flexible pipe delivers water to your desired source in a powerful jet. Easy!

Spray Gun Modes

  • Shower
  • Flat
  • Cone
  • Centre
  • Full
  • Mist
  • Jet



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