Video – The Rights Of Rubbish

11 year-old Jennifer Draper from Haydock reached the final of a Global competition with a video about litter in her local park.

Hugh Jackman, Senator John McCain, General Colin Powell, the heads of Google, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA TODAY, The Smithsonian were among the VIP Judges for the competition.

Jennifer said in her note accompanying the video “I am 11 years old and have a lot of energy and cannot stop bouncing! I live in St Helens England. I’m an active thinker and fun finder. My inspiration for this video was our public park because I noticed the state of it one day and thought to myself I need to do something about this now. How many people litter and questioning why we do! It ruins the local kid’s park. It’s supposed to be a place of enjoyment and people don’t respect mother nature.

“I go to a school called Grange Valley Primary, this is my last year there and next year I will attend High school. I would love to work with animals as a job or in acting or singing, I love to sing, it takes me to a safe place and I am just who am I am meant to be.

“I love acting/voices/accents/imitating amazing characters and my parents say I have an old soul and empathise with my family and friends at school.”





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