Free Apple coding, music & video sessions for kids aged 8-12yrs

From time to time, Apple invites kids aged 8-12yrs to sign up for free workshops at its UK stores. Registration for 2018 opened on Monday 25th June, and spaces are limited (it’s first-come, first-served), so you may have to go quick.

What workshops are there?

There are three different workshops on offer (you’ll need to set up an Apple ID to do this if you don’t already have one). Each of them lasts for 90 minutes per day over three consecutive days:

  • Coding with Sphero robots. Kids learn how to solve problems logically through the fundamentals of code.
  • Beat making and songwriting with GarageBand. Kids discover how to create beats and build their own songs using the GarageBand app on an iPad.
  • Telling stories with Clips. Kids will explore how to tell stories with video using the Clips app.

All children have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of the session, but some workshops are suitable for adults as well as children, so you shouldn’t be bored.


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