Be a savvy shopper and buy gift cards at up to 25% off

Zeek is the ultimate tool for smart shoppers to save money on absolutely everything they buy – from the weekly shop to the family holiday.

How does it work?

Shops rarely reduce gift cards, but online marketplace Zeek lets people flog unwanted cards and e-vouchers from 100s of retailers, and they are available to buy with discounts ranging from 5% to 25% off.

Whilst you can grab a discount on a gift card or e-voucher and then give them to someone as a present the real trick here isn’t to use them as gifts, but to buy discounted cards for yourself if you’re already planning on spending at a certain store!

Even better, as gift cards count as cash, you can usually combine them with sales or codes for effectively a double discount.

Zeek launched in 2015, and since then tens of thousands of savvy shoppers are already using the service.

Zeek is a reputable company, and is considered one of Europe’s most exciting start-ups and has been featured in The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Mirror, Daily Mail and many more.

Check Zeek out now!


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