Marks & Spencer Dine In meal deal for two: price jumps to £12 in the latest food offer

The latest M&S Dine In meal deal will set you back £12 instead of the usual £10. We look at what’s new in the pricier food offer.

Marks & Spencer’s Dine In meal deal is a hugely popular offer, letting you choose a main, side dish, dessert and a bottle of wine (or non-alcoholic alternative).

The popular offer usually costs £10, but the latest meal deal, which launched last week comes in at a pricier £12. Why the hike? Because you can choose prosecco as one of the drinks options.

Another key change worth pointing out is that the menu has been trimmed so the selection isn’t as extensive  – for example, there are five mains to choose from, compared to 13 when the Dine In deal last ran.

Unless you’re a prosecco fanatic, the latest Dine In deal is pricier with a more limited selection.

On the upside, the offer is running for two weeks (July 4 -17) rather than one, so you’ll have more time to take advantage.

What is available in the £12 M&S Dine In deal?

It’s very much geared towards those who like the gastropub experience, with rotisserie chicken, chicken & ham en croutes and beef mac ‘n’ cheese among the mains.

And of course, there’s the prosecco, which is really what the latest deal is all about.

Below is a list of all the main, side and dessert menu options in the latest offer.

We haven’t included any of the alcoholic or non-alcoholic options as M&S simply says “products may vary” based on where you shop. For more information, visit the Marks & Spencer Dine In page.


  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Gastropub steak lasagne
  • Gastropub chicken and ham en croutes
  • Cook Menu lemon and parmesan chicken
  • Gastropub beef mac ‘n’ cheese


  • Frites
  • Peas and carrots
  • Minted new potatoes
  • Four leaf salad


  • Profiterole stack
  • Bramley apple pie
  • Lemon and mascarpone cheesecake slices
  • Raspberries
  • Passionfruit Swiss roll


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