Rainford High students honoured at Buckingham Palace

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) students from Rainford High have received their gold awards following a prestigious event held at Buckingham Palace.

Over 20 students from the school were awarded their gold certificates, presented to them by Roz Savage – the first (and so far only) woman to row solo across the world’s three oceans.

Held in the gardens of the iconic royal building, thousands of DofE participants from all over the UK attended the highly-coveted event.

The Rainford High group spent time speaking with Princess Eugenie of York, who was keen to find out what the students had got up to during their time completing the programme.

The DofE Award scheme was created by the Duke of Edinburgh as a way for those from all walks of life to garner life skills, volunteering experience and to complete an expedition.

Gold awards require participants to complete a number of challenges and outdoor activities, including a four-day expedition and five-day shared activity in a residential setting away from home.

This year, Rainford High students took part in a four day expedition in Scandinavia.

It was announced at the presentation that nationally 50% attain gold, with Rainford High achieving around 85-90% success rate.

Ian Young, principal of Rainford High, said:  “We were incredibly proud to see our students honoured at the DofE gold award presentation at Buckingham Palace. The programme is an incredible opportunity for them to gain new skills which will continue to benefit them throughout their adult life.”

Rainford High is an 11-18 school with just over 1600 students who achieve good exam results at both the end of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. The school has a strong ethos of ‘Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds’ which the staff and pupils continually work to make this the day-to-day focus of the school.


For more information, visit: www.rainford.org.uk.



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