Northern commuters can now apply for extra compensation

Commuters who travel on Northern trains can now claim up to a month’s worth of travel back following three months of severe disruption.

Northern is offering two levels of compensation, with some season ticket holders getting up to a month’s travel costs back depending on how many weeks of disruption they faced, in addition to the usual payments for individual delays.

Transpennine Express is also offering a week’s compensation, but passengers will have to wait until 23 July to claim, whilst customers using Great Northern and Thameslink services are being offered up to a month’s worth of money back, but will have to wait even longer.

Northern customers are being offered more compensation than Transpennine customers as some faced further weeks of disruption due delays electrifying one of the lines, on top of the widespread disruption caused by the introduction of a new timetable in May.

I’m a Northern customer – how much will I be owed?

If you have a weekly, monthly or annual Northern season ticket, the amount you get will depend on how much disruption you experienced.

There are two levels of compensation:

  • Disrupted between 1 April and 30 June – you can claim a refund of up to one month of travel if you travelled on specified routes.
  • Disrupted between 20 May and 30 June – you can claim one week of travel if you travelled on specified routes.

The amount you’re owed will be worked out as a proportion of your ticket, eg, annual season tickets will be divided by 12 or 40 depending on whether you’re eligible for a month or week’s worth of compensation.

You can claim for your compensation between now and 19th September. Here’s how:

  1. Check if you travelled on an eligible route – The routes vary depending on which period you’re claiming for.
  2. Gather evidence – such as copies of train tickets or proof of payment. If you’re struggling to provide this call 03332 220 126 or email
  3. Submit your claim – You’ll need to enter your journey and ticket details and contact information when you claim.

You can choose to be paid via bank transfer, a payment to your card or to have a National Rail voucher and you should receive your compensation within 20 working days of your claim being approved.

See Northern’s website for more information.

I’m a Transpennine customer – how much will I be owed and how can I claim?

If you are a Transpennine customer and travelled on an affected route between 20 May and 30 June, you will be entitled to one week’s worth of the value of your season ticket.

Full details on the affected routes can be found on the Transpennine Express website.

You will be able to apply for compensation from Monday 23rd July and you have until the start of October to make your claim.


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