Councils are encouraging road closures so kids can play in the street

The Playing Out project is picking up steam, with the support of many local councils.

Remember playing in the street as a child? Drawing on the pavements in chalk? This tradition has been lost over the years, with more traffic on the roads and many kids preferring to play computer games than play outdoors.

The Playing Out project is a UK-wide initiative, aiming to get more children playing outdoors in their local neighbourhoods with the support of local councils. Playing outdoors has so many benefits, from exercise and the development of physical skills, to gaining confidence and social skills.

Playing Out sessions can help children play freely, right outside their own front doors, while bringing the local community together. All you need to do to set up a Playing Out session in your street is get the support of your neighbours and permission from your local council. If the council already has a play street policy in place, they will be able to advise and assist you in setting up a road closure. If they don’t have a policy, you could always ask them to consider setting one up!

Many councils will provide temporary road closure signage for through-traffic, while residents will need to supervise the session and steward the road for cars wanting to access properties. Most councils offering play street applications do not charge for these road closures. You can apply for a one-off closure, or regular Playing Out sessions each month.

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