SAVE UP TO £530 on these Extra-Thick CoolFlex™ Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Get an extra-thick CoolFlex™ memory foam mattress.
  • Choose from six sizes (see below)!
  • With a 2.5cm layer of CoolBlue™ memory foam, and 6” overall depth.
  • Shapes to the contours of your body for maximum comfort.
  • And helps to relieve various pressure points.
  • With a removable washable cover.


Full Details

Don’t nod off before you’ve had a chance to look at today’s dreamy deal!

We’re offering you a small single extra-thick CoolFlex™ memory foam mattress for just £64, a single for £79, a small double or double for £99, a king for £124, pr a super king for £149, saving you up to 87% off Trusleep’s prices (correct as of 2.6.18).

Look forward to leaping into bed every night with one of these ultra-comfortable extra-thick CoolFlex™ memory foam mattresses! With a depth of 6” and a 2.5 cm layer of CoolBlue™ memory foam, your entire body will be supported, providing relief to various joints and helping to improve your circulation. The removable, washable cover means you can keep enjoying it night after night! Wave goodbye to the tossing and turning nightmare, and redeem today!


  • Small Single
  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King


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