100+ piece cupcake essentials kit for just £1.22

Make the perfect cupcake with these amazing deals on Amazon! Get 100 rainbow cases, 6 piping tips and 3 re-usable silicone piping bags for a cheapy-cheap total of £1.22!

All the elements are sold separately so buy them all or just the ones you want! Every individual item is less than £1 and comes with free postage and packaging!

What is the Cupcake Essentials kit made up of?

100 Rainbow Cupcake Cases (£0.50)


Icing Piping Tips x6 (£0.17)

Reusable Silicone Piping Bags x3 (£0.55)

These silicone piping bags are reusable, durable, flexible and practical. You will receive a pack of 3 in small, medium and large. Smooth interior for squeezing easily, rough exterior for better gripping. Will fit any piping tip.

Please note: Prices on online marketplaces like Amazon are continuously reviewed by sellers and fluctuate frequently. The price stated above was correct at the time of writing this article.

A little extra!

Cupcake Corer (£0.23)

If £1.31 hasnt cleaning out your wallet then you could also buy this really nifty little cupcake corer for just 23p! Really easy to use, just press into your cupcakes to remove a section from the centre and then you can create beautiful cupcakes with a surprise filled centre.


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