Lidl to trial £1.50 ‘Too Good to Waste’ boxes

The supermarket is working to cut food waste and provide an affordable fruit and veg box for shoppers.
Lidl has launched a ‘damaged’ fruit and veg box scheme in a bid to cut food waste.
The boxes, which cost just £1.50, contain 5kg of food that would otherwise be thrown away. Lidl said the initiative could help save 10,000 tonnes of surplus produce a year.
Called ‘Too Good to Waste’, Lidl said the items are “no longer considered at their perfect best”, but are still perfectly good to eat.

For example, if one orange in a pack of six looks a little bruised, it may be that supermarkets deem the pack useless, and all the fruit goes in the bin.

To begin with, Lidl is trialling the boxes across 122 stores. If successful, they could be rolled out nationwide, to all 710 sites. Lidl last year committed to cut food waste by 25 per cent per store by 2020.
Lidl UK CEO Christian Härtnagel said: “Food waste is one of the most important topics that our industry is facing, and one that we are fully committed to tackling. “We’re proud that in just one year, our stores have managed to cut food waste (by 13 per cent), however we recognise that there’s still a long way to go to get where we need to be.
“We know from our data that fresh produce is one of the biggest contributors to food waste in stores, so we’re excited by the difference our ‘Too Good to Waste’ initiative will make. Not only will it help customers consider items that they might have previously dismissed, it will also provide an opportunity for them to make further savings.”


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