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Cybi Striders Success Story

This week’s roundup is by Jon-Jo Doherty. In the first ever Cybi Coastal Marathon, which took place on Saturday circumnavigating Ynys Cybi on the Welsh national coastal footpath, and also Anglesey coastal path: Katie Taggart and Pete Medlicott harvested breathtaking scenery in wondrous weather.

It was feverishly hot though and with tactical bargaining Katie managed to push her longstanding Strider running partner Pete to the finish in 7:02:34

Katie Taggart and Pete Medlicott at the 1st ever Cybi Coastal Marathon in: Holyhead Around Holy Island, Anglesey.

Aspirations are for the Cybi Coastal to establish itself as one of the most scenic marathons in the UK. Katie and Pete were fortunate as a limit of 200 entrants were allowed.

In the Sale 5k Sizzler on Thursday evening, Clare Pickavance with her charm and wit decidedly pushed forth with increasing ingenuity reaching another milestone with 24:36. Ste Pickavance her good husband jovially questioned her performance as she has now pushed ahead of him in recent time calculations.

Congratulations, Jackie Dobson and Christine Humphrey, both towering legends of the Strider force. These two delights completed their 100th Parkrun; and to rapturous support. They have frequently given up their time for this event, and continue to make a stirring difference in the local community.

On the left Christine Humphrey with Jackie Dobson

It was a week to remember for the enthusiastic and jovial Frank Mcalister; his adoring followers and the renowned ‘Strider Handicap’.

Frank who is a honorary member and was an integral part of the early Strider period, puts on a session which allows all members to inclusively race together with a spirit of togetherness and comradeship (main photo).

Two Striders tackled the Peak Skyline 25k: held in the Peak District in one of the most popular National Parks in the UK, split into the White and Dark Peak areas. White Peak for Limestone, Dark Peak for Gritstone. This Peak District Skyline takes place in the White Peak area, but the course crosses its fair share of gritstone and moorland.

The Striders enjoyed a double success with Scott ‘the Rocket Robertson’ finishing in second place overall, shortly followed by his longstanding teammate Ian Wright in 6th place. They took on the gritstone and moorland with heroic efforts.

Scott ‘the Rocket Robertson’ after his success at the Peak Skyline 25k




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