‘Become a Super Learner’ Course – £19 instead of £145


  • Take in some knowledge with this online super learner course!
  • Get more out of your day-to-day life.
  • Master speed reading techniques and retaining information.
  • Process large amounts of information and apply it efficiently.
  • Earn a certification in a new skill!

Whether you’re looking to turn over a new leaf and make a dramatic change or just tweak a few things, this online course could be your ticket to a fuller, happier life! Written by an experienced, successful instructor, the online material aims to guide you through a series of modules, each of which is designed to help you make the changes you need for a whole new you!

An online ‘become a super learner’ course for £19.00 saving you 87% off OfCourse’s prices (correct as of 15.1.2018).

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  • Understanding your memory
  • Misconceptions pre-quiz: understanding your memory
  • Why we need to improve our memory first
  • How we store information
  • The power of visual memory
  • Misconceptions pre-quiz: visual memory
  • Why images are the most powerful way to remember and learn
  • Mental markers: visual memory meets learning
  • How do we apply visual memory to reading?
  • A demonstration of visualising words from text
  • Systems for creating and maintaining long term memories
  • Misconceptions pre-quiz: maintaining long-term memories
  • Spaced repetition
  • Pre-reading and preparation
  • Misconceptions pre-quiz: pre-reading
  • Introducing the sq3r system
  • Read with your eyes, not with your inner voice
  • How to properly test your comprehension without fooling yourself
  • Misconceptions pre-quiz: speed reading
  • Speeding things up
  • Speed training with a card Progressive overload revisited: training at the speed you wish to read
  • Good learning habits
  • Misconceptions pre-quiz: good learning habits
  • Sleeping and learning: why sleep is so crucial
  • Applying your new skills
  • Misconceptions pre-quiz: applying your new skills
  • Learning by video or audio

Grab the offer HERE

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