Total Fit Maxi Climber – £69 (SAVE over £80)


  • Get a Total Fit Climber.
  • A vertical climbing device!
  • Simulates the movement of sports such as rock climbing.
  • Exercises legs, arms, back, shoulders, core…everything!
  • Combines cardio and strength.
  • A fantastic exercise option!

A Total Fit Climber for just £69, saving you 55% off Eurotrade’s price of £155 (correct as of 25.6.18).

The total fit climber is a revolutionary new exercise tool that simulates the experience of climbing, without all the expensive memberships and terrifying heights! Combining cardio and strength training, plus core work, it’s an utterly extensive workout for everything in your body from your fingertips to your toes.


  • Folded:36cm x 74cm x 184cm
  • Unfolded: 99cm x 74cm x 220cm

Grab the offer HERE


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