Morrisons shoppers can save £15 off their online shop this Bank Holiday weekend

With the cost of everyday essentials steadily on the rise, many households are struggling to make their money stretch to cover the essentials each month so this offer might help out.

Cashback site Quidco has an offer where you can get £15 free spend

The cashback site is giving all new members the money to cover some of the cost of their online grocery bill from the supermarket until midnight on Wednesday 29th August 2018.

All customers have to do is spend £40 or more on their goods to be eligible for the extra savings, but it couldn’t be easier to claim using the steps we’ve outlined below.

How to claim £15 free spend:

  1. Sign up to Quidco for free.
  2. Click on the Morrisons £15 cashback deal and head to the supermarket’s website to shop as normal, spending £40 or more on your total order.
  3. Quidco will then track your transaction within seven days and pay out the bonus into your member’s account.


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