Save hundreds of pounds on your car insurance by renewing it early

A study by MSE found that the optimum time to get cover is three weeks ahead…

We’re set to hit a peak car insurance buying period. September is new registrations month, so it’s renewal time for those who’ve bought a motor around this point in the past.

Yep, we know we’re still in August, but the key to a good deal is to plan ahead.

  • Renewal due in next month? NEVER just allow auto-renew to happen. Instead, run through the comparison sites to speedily find your cheapest. Aim to check and buy 21 days before renewal (or the start of a first policy), but if you’ve less time, hurry, as the research found that prices kept rising the closer you get.

Comparison websites check lots of individual companies in seconds. But they don’t all cover the same insurers, so to ensure you’re you find the best deal, you’ll need to check these as follows

Compare The Market

  • Then check against the following which are not covered by the comparison websites.

Three of the biggest insurers on the market, Direct Line, Aviva and Zurich offer their products directly and aren’t on comparison websites.


  • Not your renewal time yet? You can still save money mid-policy…

You can often cancel an expensive policy and choose a  cheaper one insteadAs long as you haven’t made a claim, you’ll often pay something like a £50 admin fee and get the rest of the year refunded. The key is to set your new policy to start 21 days after you get the quote to get the best price.
Renewal 30-60 days away? lock in a price now. While 21 days ahead is best on average, you may find a few insurers let you lock in a quote up to two months ahead. Get a quote, and then check against comparison websites above closer to renewal and go for the best.

Money-Saving Tip

Setup a reminder in your calendar 2-3 weeks before the renewal date so you get time to sort it with plenty of time spare.



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