Latest news from St Helens Striders Running Club – Doherty’s Dream Trail double

This week’s report is written by Jon-Jo Doherty

St Helens Sutton AC put on a fabulous two part event, with Mathew Crehan’s Run Geek as the main Sponsor.

It was the 5k first with Jon-Jo Doherty scooping the main prize. The Striders also gained Team Prize with Ann Johnson and Mark Fillingham.

Doherty followed up his victory with another powerhouse performance in the 10k. And again the Striders gained Team prize with Peter Fairclough and Daniel Cheetham. 

It became a St Helens Striders clean sweep! (main photo – Team Prize; from left to right with Run Geek’s Mathew Crehan, Jon-Jo Doherty, Daniel Cheetham and Peter Fairclough.)

Team Prize; From left to right with Jon-Jo Doherty, Ann Johnson and Mark Fillingham

In the previous mornings Halewood 5k there were PB’s for Mark and Zoe Fillingham 23:52 and 28:11 respectively.

An impressive first sub 20min 5k for Anthony Ellis with 19:44. Darren Eckersley returned to the fray with 20:53.

Jon-Jo Doherty regained his club record with a time of 16:10, and first Lady whizz kid Kelly Hamilton scored 19:07.

Nicky Donovan enjoyed a PB with 25:36, and her very much devoted Gary Eccleston pushed her on with a time of 25:10. 

A team photo which encapsulates the Strider team spirit!

In Lancaster on Friday evening, rookie Kane Green on his first official outing for the Striders established himself as a force to be reckoned with! He created a New Club Record, and that although short lived was nonetheless magnificent in a time of 16:18.

Rookie Kane Green on his phenomenal debut!

The Clwydian 15 Mile Race praised for its variety and scenic challenging nature, involves a considerable ascent at just a touch over 3600 feet. But It was never going to stop Striders front man Ian Wright, who secured himself 7th place with an heroic effort of significant importance. 

In the Trafford 10k Sian Maguire delighted her sister Kylie with a PB of 49:43. Kylie finished well with a time of 44:28. Also in the La Manga 7k Carol Foster finished 3rd Lady in the veterans category. This event is held in Spain, within the region of Murcia and travels through luscious rolling green lawns and hillside lakes.

More Strider team Spirit before the Dream Trail!

The South Cheshire 20 miler: this race which has always been avidly supported, contains hilly terrain that borders country lanes and picturesque scenery.

David Briscoe, Sharon O’Connell, Joanne Jackson and Neil Hunter raised their game to new heights, and working as a team they produced an all round display of camaraderie and jovial wonder.

From left to right; Stalwarts Neil Hunter, Sharon O’Connel, David Briscoe and Joanne Jackson. (At The South Cheshire 20 Miler)

Main photo – Team Prize; from left to right with Run Geek’s Mathew Crehan, Jon-Jo Doherty, Daniel Cheetham and Peter Fairclough.


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