Asda Price Guarantee to be scrapped next month

Asda is to scrap its price match guarantee from the 3rd October, the supermarket announced this week

With the Asda Price Guarantee, you can get money back on your next shop if comparable items from the original purchase on the receipt are not at least 10% cheaper than at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

Asda says the scheme, which has run since 2010, will continue as normal until the 3rd October. After the 3rd you won’t be able to redeem vouchers.

The news will come as a particular blow to ‘womblers’ – those people who pick up other shoppers’ discarded receipts and use them to get money off their shopping via a price guarantee. Asda was one of the last major supermarkets not to have explicitly banned this practice.

Asda’s announcement comes after Tesco axed its Brand Guarantee scheme in July.

How does Asda’s price guarantee work?

Here’s a quick summary of how the Asda scheme works:

  1. To be able to claim the vouchers, you must first sign up for an Asda online shopping account.
  2. Then enter the barcode number from the shopping receipt on Asda’s website. You must do this at least three hours, and no more than 28 days, after the receipt was issued.
  3. If your shop wasn’t 10% cheaper than comparable items at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, you’ll be offered a voucher worth the difference for money off your next shop.
  4. Print off the voucher, which is valid for 28 days, to take with the original receipt to the in-store checkout when you next go shopping.

See the Asda website T&Cs for full info, including what a comparable item is and how exactly the difference is calculated.

Why are they scrapping the guarantee?

Asda said in a statement on its website that the decision to scrap the guarantee had been “difficult”.

It added: “It’s a decision we’ve not taken lightly because we love it dearly, but in reality, we know our customers don’t love it enough for us to keep it.

“Instead they want us to focus our investment on lowering our prices, and they’ll let us know if we’re falling out of step with the competition.”


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