Whoopsee Whoopsee Dodge The Poo Game – £8.98 instead of £28

  • Get a Whoopsie Whoopsie dodge the poo game!
  • With four pots of Whoopsee poo putty and small and large plastic whoopsie moulds.
  • Comes with a spinner board and blindfold.
  • Dimensions: 170cm x 70cm game mat.
  • Perfect for two or more players.
  • Or upgrade and get two games for double the fun!

Ready, steady, poo!

A Whoopsie Whoopsie dodge the poo game for £8.98 saving you 70% off, Direct2Public’s price of £28 (correct as of 6.9.18).

Walk the line whilst playing today’s Whoopsie Whoopsie dodge the poo game! The game includes a spinner board, mat, blindfold, four pots of putty and whoopsie moulds. Suitable for two or more players, the first player puts on the blindfold and is given step instructions then has to walk to end of mat without stepping in a poo! Today’s game will have the kids pooped from playing all day long!

Grab the offer HERE


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