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Veterans of the Saints Foundation climb Ben Nevis

Last weekend the Veterans of the Saints Community Foundation took on the extremely tough challenge of climbing Ben Nevis with all their equipment strapped to their backs!

David Swift and Ben Martin donned 100lb Backpacks, Carl Taylor, Richard Collins, Phil Molyneux, Keiron Molyneux and Shaun Floyd carried SGT Hobnob (a life size dummy) on a WW1 stretcher whilst Samantha Thompson, Charlotte Highcock and Joanne Swift lifted an artillery shell.

Seff Sephton is an amputee who also took on the climb – Howard Ball, Gareth Simmons and Arthur Berks were a massive part of the team.

Samantha Thompson said: “Climbing Ben Nevis with all the equipment was one of the hardest challenges we had all done. We raised so much awareness for the work we do in St Helens with the Armed Forces Community. We gained support up and down the climb and have since had so many people engaging with the page to support our work.

“22 veterans take their own lives each day we therefore take our work very seriously and St Helens currently has the highest suicide rate in the country.

“The Veterans would like to thank the Saints Community Development Foundation for all their support in helping make this trip possible and allowing us to raise the much needed awareness.”


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