Emergency appeal – flood damage at hospice

It takes a community to make a hospice and we’re hoping that once again our local community will dig deep to help us in any way they can so that we can back to normal….” (Nichola Saunders – Head of Fundraising at Willowbrook Hospice)

The recent bad weather has affected everyone. But for Willowbrook Hospice the winds and heavy rain have left a number of their inpatient beds closed, resulting in a reduced capacity for the hospice to care for people who need their services most.

Nichola Saunders, Head of Fundraising says: “The recent storms led to severe flooding at the hospice which has particularly affected four of our 12 inpatient bedrooms. Although some of the damage is covered by insurance, many of the fixtures and fittings have been ruined by damp and dirty water and need replacing.

We urgently need the support of local people so that we can get up and running again as soon as possible.”

Nichola, whose husband Mark was cared for at the hospice in 2001, knows all too well the value of the specialist care offered at Willowbrook and how every penny really does make a difference.

Mark and myself donated some baby clothes to help raise funds for Willowbrook. At the time, we were both in our 20s with two small children and thought we had a long and happy life ahead. Unfortunately, a few years down the line, Mark received the terrible news that he had terminal cancer.

When we walked through the doors at Willowbrook, we were both filled with all the usual emotions associated with what we were facing. Despite all this, in some small way, we knew that our donations had helped to ensure that the hospice was able to care for people like Mark.

People often say that ‘you don’t realise the value of something until you need it most’ but it’s important, now more than ever, that people think of the future for their loved ones – whether it’s family, friends or work colleagues – and do their best to help support Willowbrook.”

Please help Willowbrook in any way you can by:

  • Setting up a regular donation with your bank – please ring them for more information or visit the website www.willowbrook.org.uk
  • Making a one off donation either online at: www.willowbrook.org.uk, over the phone on 01744 453798, by post or in person or by texting CARE08 £5 to 70070 to donate £5
  • Collecting your loose change in one of our home money boxes.
  • Joining their weekly lottery
  • Taking part in one of their events or organising your own.

For more details on how you can help Willowbrook, please visit www.willowbrook.org.uk, email events@willowbrookhospice.org.uk, ring 01744 453798 or call into their office at Willowbrook – The Living Well, Borough Road, St Helens WA10 3RN


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