My journey into YouTube and bringing local photographers together

Mali Davies is a local photographer who has been sharing his work on our St Helens Creative Hub for a while now. Recently he has begun publishing youtube videos (vlogs) whilst out shooting landscapes.

We caught up with him to find out more about his passion for photography, in particular landscape photography, and how vlogging is helping his photography…..

“To vlog or not to vlog, that is the question that faced me after many years of being a creative. This wasn’t a decision I took lightly.

“Photography has always been a big part of my life but landscape photography has been growing as a real passion for many years! It’s a craft and an art form that takes time and lots of practise. Seeing the light, building the composition. Slowing down to get a shot that in the end may or may not work. So why make it even harder and talk about it on camera? It’s all encompassing, it becomes one discipline. Your dealing with the elements and sharing this experience with others. Putting the viewer behind your camera. You can hear the shouts of why are you shooting at f5.6?! No hyper-focal distance?! All joking aside, vlogging and landscape photography are a great combination for learning. Setting the scene, getting prepared all helps with capturing your landscape.”

“Now before you rush off and get all the gear, remember this is something I think people don’t realise. It’s hard! It’s graft for your craft! When you are a landscape photographer, this involves a multitude of disciplines to start with. When you add video you need to be a sound engineer, storyboard creator, video producer, video editor, graphic designer, and publicist. All this before you’ve finished editing your images from the shoot. It would take the whole of this article to explain the details for just video formats and editing. So you really have to be prepared to work at it and learn all the time. All this including the most important reason your doing all this in the first place. Landscape Photography! To take the very best image you can and represent this in moving pictures. This is where the love for all this comes in. I’m hooked because I love making art, fine art photography or a shot that fills you with pride!”

“Your set up, the clouds are spinning overhead, you’ve got a third of foreground interest, a third of a lake and the rest is the mountains and sky. Tweaking and moving to get the composition. Waiting patiently for the light to dance across the scene that is unfolding before you. While all this is taking place, you have firmly pressed record and the video is rolling. You get caught up in the dramatics. It’s at this point everything becomes sublime, talking about the scene, excitement wells and your giving a performance. A photography insight into your very own personal world of landscape photography. Sharing the knowledge you’re learning from the composition right before the subscribers eyes. I find there is always something different and something to be learned from every shot. So recording a video helps you remember the places and the way you felt about that moment in time.”


It’s not always that romantic…

“You’ve been recording for hours and the settings are wrong or the sound didn’t work. You really have to check everything, not forgetting your camera settings are set correct and not left at ISO1600 from the night before when you were shooting a wedding reception. I say all this because I truly believe, being a content creator (vlogger) has improved my photography. Made me more vigilant. You have to be professional but having a laugh and making it fun is essential. You have to be yourself or it will feel awkward, uneasy to the viewer. Just like in landscape photography you have to be prepared to make mistakes and put yourself out there for others to see. It can be very liberating, take the negative and make the positive, use this to improve why you are doing it all in the first place. For the love of photography and to create the best content you can and giving it all away to an audience. An audience that may never see your work unless you create a vlog to accompany your craft. It’s a great way to showcase what you love about Landscape Photography.”

To find out more about Mali and his work here are his links

Youtube Mali Photography

Facebook Group Mali Photography | Workshops & Meetups

Main photo – Perch Rock, New Brighton



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