Here’s How Kids Can Get A Free Letter From Santa This Xmas

Christmas is the one time of year we all love to treat our kids, and nothing beats watching their faces light up with joy from the magic of it all. We can all remember the excitement of leaving out a mince pie for Father Christmas, and a carrot for Rudolph.

But what if you could do one better? What if you could get them a letter from the man himself?

You can. And thanks to lovely people at Royal Mail, it’s completely free.

Kids can write their letters to Santa with what they’d like, and thanks to Royal Mail, they’ll make sure they get one back from Father Christmas too.

It’s really simple. Girls and boys on the nice list need to send their letters, with a stamped envelope, to:
Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

But you’ll need to be quick as you need to make sure your letters are sent by 7th December, so Father Christmas has enough time to reply. For more information click here .

The Entertainer Toy Shop

Ask in store for more details about their Letter From Santa scheme


This one isnt free (a suggested donation of £5 is asked for) but the NSPCC run the all important Childline in the UK and the money raised from their Letters from Santa scheme helps to keep this valuable service going throughout the year.

Find out more about their scheme here

Blind Or Partially Sighted Children

Santa is also working with the Royal National Institute of Blind People, helping blind or partially sighted children receive letters in braille, audio or large print. Read more here.


We did some fact-checking to confirm that Reindeerland was a real place with a real postcode, and can confirm that it is.

Streetcheck website includes information about different areas.

It states the major industry there is toy making, but there are also good employment opportunities in administration and delivery.

These are the main housing types:

And this is what the local community is like:

However, you cannot get exact directions to Reindeerland as otherwise Santa would be inundated with stalkers trying to find out what presents they were getting, or burglars planning a major pre-Christmas toy heist.


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