Council seeks residents’ views on St Mary’s Market

As part of its town centre regeneration strategy, St Helens Council is seeking residents’ views on St Mary’s Market in order to better understand how it is viewed today and to help shape options for its future.

The survey for residents is part of a wider evaluation of St Mary’s Market that has seen the council engaging with traders to gain a greater understanding of the market’s strengths and weaknesses.

The survey will run until  Friday 16th November.

Find the survey online at


  1. Firstly make rents more affordable then sort the cost of parking out then we need more variety of stalls not the me old same old such as phone stalls we need a proper food hall selling local fresh produce not more food & booze outlets how many cafe,bars,coffee shops does one town need.

  2. Agree completely with jimmy.we need lower rents.the rents in the market mean most traders couldn’t make a living.that’s why we left years ago.c

  3. The rent must be sky high as half the stalls are closed. The whole town centre is now a disgrace with shops closing down left right an centre. There is nothing in town that makes you want to come in and shop. Parking is too expensive and with the traffic wardens walking round all the time it puts people off wanting to come . Widnes has free parking and to say widnes is more appealing than our town to go shopping actually makes you wonder . St. Helens council need to get themselves into gear and follow the like of widnes in making a cheap, accessible place to shop. All well and good saying they are going to build food outlets but no one comes to St. Helens for the food. The whole town in the last 15 years has gone down hill needs a massive shake up

  4. Lower rent would be a good start. £150 a week for a small stall is extortionate ypu could rent a full shop for less. Only relief you get is a staggered rent over 6 months. Starting at 25%. Which is great but not great if your not getting customers in. We only stayed for 5 weeks and cut our losses and went into a shop.instead.

  5. Look at other successful markets and mirror what they are doing ..make the market like an all year round Christmas market where people would go to eat out and shop ..look at Warrington market with a brilliant food court that people can eat foods from all corners of the world .

  6. I’ve said all that wasted space could be a food court similar to the one in St. John’s precinct. Selling foods from different parts of the world. Polish Spanish Thai japan China Italian etc. Then get some fresh veg stalls and cheese and fish as well as the great butchers that is already there. The front/outside is so nice but never used. Outside tables in summer would make it so much more pleasant. Knock down that horrible Chalon way, car park down it’s a monstrosity.

    Still think you should try and get primark here to attract the youngsters to shop in town instead of going on line.

    Also some free parking might help


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