Digital Day at St Helens College

In honour of their annual Digital Day, St Helens College 14-16 Academy teamed up with Liverpool based Digital Agency, Angel Solutions, to host a series of digital challenges, to inspire the minds of the budding year 10, Film Studies students.

We welcomed the CEO of Angel Solutions, Andy Kent, accompanied by Junior Front-End Designer/Developer Jovie, who were on hand to talk all things digital.

The company, who specialise in educational web applications and software, shared their top tips on digital careers, eyecatching CV’s and the various pathways into the creative and digital industry.

CEO Andy, not only spoke of the route through university, but alternative pathways including digital and coding boot camps and apprenticeships, which seemed to catch the interest of some of our students.

The session saw the students working on real world projects from the likes of, Vodafone, the BBC and the Football Association, where they were given various briefs, including the development of a new virtual reality concept, where they had to follow the process of: researching their audience, idea creation, design and delivery.

With aspiring graphic designers, artists and keen writers in the class, the students were left feeling inspired about their futures. Alissa from year 10 said: “I enjoyed today because it showed me the different digital jobs I can go into after I leave, and the things I’d be working on.”

The day resonated perfectly with the student’s studies, tying in with their Film Studies, English and Computer Science, where the students have recently been learning the basics of HTML code, website building and Adobe Dreamweaver software.

Aspiring Web Developer, Connor from year 10 said: “Today has been helpful for me because I want to work with computers and websites. They spoke about things we’ve been learning in our Computer Science lessons so I know this is something I could do.”

To end the day, students Alissa and Nicole were announced the winning entrants of today’s challenge, presenting their response to the Football Association brief, where they had to promote the viewing of the Women’s World Cup in 2019 and encourage young girls aged 8-16 to get involved with football.

Film Studies teacher, Kirk-Newton Henry, commented: “Alissa and Nicole did a fantastic job presenting their idea of hosting charitable events, accompanied by an online campaign advertised across all multimedia platforms.”

He added: “This year’s Digital Day has been a huge success and that’s down to our guests from Angel Solutions who put on an amazing interactive session for the students, who all thoroughly enjoy the day.”

CEO, Andy Kent, finished by saying: “It’s great for us as an employer to come in and engage with the students, it provides them with invaluable real world experiences of what life is like in the creative and digital sector. It’s also great for us to take time out and invest it into unlocking future talent and the next generation of digital minds.”


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