Citadel to close

In a tweet earlier today the Citadel announced it’s intention to close in June.

In a statement on the Citadel website they said.

Fay Lamb, Chief Executive of the Citadel Arts Centre has revealed it is with a heavy heart that the Citadel building will close on 30th June 2019.

The announcement will shock many, but Citadel Management and Board have known for some time that the numbers don’t add up when it comes to ever decreasing arts funding and have tried everything within their power to make the building work within present financial constraints – including fundraising over £1.2m and maximising earned income from ticket sales, bar sales and room hire. However, the Citadel Board of Trustees realise they have to give up the Citadel building in order to keep the organisations valuable community services alive.

Under the responsible leadership of the Board of Directors the Citadel Charity will be solvent when the building closes, and whilst the building will close the Citadel’s activities will continue. Chief Executive Fay has revealed plans for the Citadel to work as an agency organisation, delivering quality theatre performances for children and families in the public realm. She openly explains why the Citadel must change if it is to survive:

‘As a responsible business the Citadel must look at financial and artistic trends to ensure the vital activities of the Citadel Arts Centre Charity continue for the audiences and participants who benefit. It’s incredibly sad to be losing an iconic venue which local people regard with such fondness. I’m proud of everything the Citadel has achieved and I’m confident we can go on to different and better performance and participation programmes in the town with support from our partners. Closing the Citadel building is a necessary heartache if it means the fantastic work of the Citadel can continue for years to come for the people of St Helens.’

The Citadel has been working closely with St Helens Council and arts sector organisations in the town on ambitions for a St Helens Arts and Cultural Partnership changing the way arts is delivered and experienced in the town. The Citadel Agency model will form part of the towns evolving arts sector.

“Since opening 30 years ago the Citadel has helped to foster a real creative energy in the town which is now continuing with Heart of Glass, Cultural Hubs and the new Citadel Agency. The landlords of the Citadel building, The Rainford Trust, have been incredibly supportive of the Citadel charity and remain supportive of the new Agency plans” Fay Lamb, Citadel Chief Executive.

Fay goes on to say “There are no words to describe how it will feel to close the doors of the Citadel building for the final time. I would personally like to thank all the amazing Citadel staff, audiences and participants who have loved and supported the Citadel for the past 30 years.”

For now, Fay and the Citadel staff’s focus is on ensuring the final season at the Citadel Arts Centre is buzzing with events and activities that will leave people with fond memories of the Citadel.

Anyone wishing to support the future of the Citadel Charity can donate to our Crowd Funding campaign at


  1. Well, frankly, I am not surprised. The Citadel once used to focus on music as a way of enticing people to appreciate the arts….and whilst music continues, it has failed to meet the heady days of the early nineties which saw music attracted audiences meet a full house, to a performance of Much Ado about Nothing. St.Helens, along with many post industrial Northern towns, is not an arty type place. Unfortunately, consecutive Directors have failed to understand that and programme accordingly.


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