JC’s Amateur Boxing Club flourishes in epic boxing show

In their 5th show, and to tumultuous support, JC’s Amateur Boxing club (ABC), based on Jackson St, captured the imagination of local boxing fans with heroic performances across the spectrum. Report by Jon-Jo Doherty

The 14 bouts started with skills contests, which were fairly conducted and delivered in a controlled manner. The idea is to develop the art form, and to learn progressively without stepping up too soon and feeling overwhelmed.

In the two skills contests which were bravely fought and gave all four competitors untold experience, Louisa Tunstall took on Grace Pye, and with fire in her belly displayed magnificent work rate to start off a ram packed evening of first class entertainment.

Ella Parkes was next up and took on Holly Ryan from Halewood ABC. She gave an inspirational account of herself, and showed early shoots of great things to come.

On the left Ella Parkes with teammate Louisa Tunstall. Both involved in the skills contests.

In the first competitive bout of the evening, and as the Sidac Social Club had swelled to capacity attendance, Tyrone Price took on Thomas Roberts from Maelor Boxing Club. Tyrone was on the front foot from the off and never let up. His energy and fitness levels proved instrumental as he went on to win with flair and finesse.

Caden Hughes took on Charlie Todd from Aintree boxing club and to his father’s delight, he not only dazzled to win the contest, but at the end of the evening was presented with the prestigious ‘Boxer of the Night’ award. It’s no mean feat to win this: in fact it was a very special performance from Caden. JC’s were off to a flying start with two straight victories.

Standing tall and with confidence before his decisive victory.
Boxer of the night Caden Hughes alongside his father.

The success continued as Jasmine Davies took on Brooke Louise from Technique ABC. Jasmine never took a backward step as she continuously harried her opponent, and to rapturous applause she secured the win.

Tyler McIntyre took on John Keys from Aintree ABC and stopped his opponent to claim victory. Cole Roughley ruffled a few feathers as he took on Conner Moran from Border City ABC, and yet again proving his metal he won a decisive victory.

JC’s were now in unprecedented water with 100% success rate. Kai Birch then took on Cameron Horrocks from Metro ABC, and showing silky skills, combined with grit and determination, he held off his opponent in fine fashion.

Zac Dwyer next up delighted the home faithful with great movement. He’s so hard to catch and his opponent Matt Howe from Border City ABC felt the pain as Zac weaved his magic wonderfully.

Tom Wilburn then took on Isaac Carrigan; his old nemesis from Border City. Tom fought like a Trojan and there was no stopping him this time and with the bit between his teeth he won with a unanimous points decision!

Delighted Jasmine Davies alongside her beloved Coach Melissa Kenny.
Two more successes for JC’s, with Zac Dwyer left alongside teammate Cole Roughley.

The joyous crowd then enjoyed a non partisan affair featuring Runcorn ABC’s Alfie Nixon against Harrison Woodruff from Coastal ABC. In what was a close encounter Woodruff got the nod.

Ryan Sharples then took centre stage for JC’s against Rogan Marshall, and in what became an epic battle, Marshall just about edged the contest on a split decision. The 100% success rate was out but the feeling of euphoria cut through the packed to capacity Sidac Social Club Arena.

Ben Whittall had his work cut out against Will Mitchell but stuck in deep and despite the loss the bout was great experience for the young man.

And finally the legendary Alan Johnson, who seems to get slicker and faster with age. He rocked his opponent several times in the first round, and it was all but over. Despite his opponent being allowed to continue on, the second round was then abruptly stopped as ‘relentless Alan’, succeeded in painstakingly destroying his opponent. His father Nick claimed ‘he had never seen him box so well.’

Tyler McIntyre pictured on the right won well for JC’s. This didn’t stop them becoming good friends.

More photos from the night

Established in 2015. JC’s boxing club are based on Jackson Street, and train 6 days a week. They cater to all age groups, and successfully boast an array of classes to suit all abilities. At the heart of the community, you’ll be warmly welcomed with fantastic enthusiasm, and with inspirational coaches and volunteers, all of whom have tirelessly worked wonders in such a short space of time. Kind thanks to all those who supported the event!


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