Council looking to increase food waste recycling rates

St Helens Council is calling on residents to support an initiative which looks to increase recyclable food waste tonnage to reduce the risk of dangerous greenhouse gases.

Households across the borough are provided with kitchen and kerbside caddies specifically used for the disposal of food waste which is sent on to be used for all sorts of useful purposes, including rich farming fertilizer – and even generating electricity.

Last year, 3,000 tonnes of food waste in St Helens was saved from landfill; an impressive result, but the council is looking to recycle even more to leave a better environment for the next generation – and it couldn’t be easier.

As a way of promoting the initiative – funded by the Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) – the council will provide educational material to households, while stickers will be placed onto brown bins in a bid to make residents consider thinking twice before sending their food waste to landfill .

Commenting on the need to recycle more, St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Better Neighbourhoods, Councillor Lynn Clarke, said: “Recycling rates in St Helens currently stand out as the best on Merseyside, which is a fantastic achievement, and I’d like to thank everyone for their contribution – it really does make a difference.

“However, with Government targets of 50 per cent to reach by 2020, and then as high as 60 per cent by 2030, we’d urge even more residents to recycle their left over food waste.”

Councillor Clarke added: “Unlike the refuse collection service, recycling is collected weekly so by recycling food you’re reducing the chance of overspill in the brown bin, resulting in less recyclable waste going to landfill, meaning tax payers’ money can go onto be spent on the things that matter rather than the waste levy.

“On top of this, the food deposited in the grey recycling caddy goes on to be used for something useful instead of rotting in landfill and releasing dangerous gasses like methane. So it makes sense, is simple to use, and contributes to a greener environment for everyone.”

Food caddies – along with any other recycling containers – can be ordered for free online at or by calling 01744 676789.


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